Welcome to Egdehirden

Egdehirden is a group that engages in martial arts such as army combat, easter-style, HEMA, and similar. During the year we participate in events and markets around Norway and Europe, where we hold fight shows, weapons demonstration, and children's war school. Most of our members are Viking reenactors, but all ages are welcome on training. At other events, proper clothing and equipment is required for the particular age represented. We have training every Friday at. 19:00 at Rykene School, and in the summer we can be found on Groos beach in Grimstad, or at the town beach in Kristiansand on Sundays. If this sounds like something to you, feel free to drop by for a workout and see. Feel free to contact us in advance so we know you will come, so we can bring extra equipment if you want to try it out.