About us

Egdehirden: Guardians of Viking Traditions in Agder

Combat Training

We focus on safety and respect in combat. Through our training sessions, we delve deep into the strategies and weapons used throughout history. We focus mainly on Vikings, but also train with  later weapons, following historical fencing manuals.

Fight Shows

Egdehirden is actively involved in various reenactment events throughout Norway, providing a glimpse into Viking battles. We fight using authentic Viking weapons and armor and demonstrate how shield walls were used to repel attacks.

Community and Culture

Egdehirden is more than a fencing club; we are a community. Bonding over shared interests in history and fencing, our members come from various backgrounds united by a common passion. We engage in crafting, storytelling, and other activities that bring us closer to understanding the way historical arms and armor were used in battle.

Joining Egdehirden

We welcome members of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned reenactor, new to the world of history or just want to try fencing, there’s a place for you in Egdehirden.


Org. nr 814 227 332