Combat Rules

Reenactment fighting

Reenactment fighting involves using historical weapons and armor to recreate fights and battles in the relevant time period. In Egdehirden this usually means using Viking weapons and armor, fighting in lines or small groups either for training or fights shows at Viking markets.

Reenactment fighting is usually divided in two categories; Western and Eastern style.

Stabbing with swords or other shorter bladed weapons is not allowed in either category.


Western-style is usually the entry level into reenactment fighting. It usually involves lighter, more measured hits, and hits to the head are absolutely prohibited. The permissible target area is from just below the collarbone to just above the knees, not including elbows,  forearms and hands.


Eastern-style fighting can include faster paced, more intense fighting and is usually intended for slightly more seasoned fighters. The permissible target area is the same as for Western-style, but includes hits to the head. Only downward hits to the head are allowed, out to about a 45 degree angle.


Historical European martial arts (HEMA) are martial arts of European origin, particularly using arts formerly practiced, but having since died out or evolved into very different forms. When practicing HEMA, we try to re-learn European fencing techniques using fencing manuals written in the relevant time period. 


Protective Equipment

Only regular exercise clothing is required for your first sessions. Indoor shoes and a long sleeved sweater is recommended. 

For sparring, gloves, forearm protectors and a cup is required. A fencing mask or helmet is also required for sparring involving head hits. It is possible to borrow gloves and a fencing mask until you are able to get your own.


All our weapons are made specifically for training and sparring, and are considered safe by the historical fencing community and our members. We do not allow anyone to train using equipment that has not been approved by our instructor and other participating members. We have several steel and synthetic swords for new members to borrow.

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