Egdehirden is a historical fencing group, focusing on reenactment fighting, HEMA, and similar disciplines. 

Throughout the year, we participate in events and markets across Norway and Europe, where we conduct fight shows and weapon demonstrations. 

We train every Friday at 6:00 PM at Gimlehallen (Kristiansand), and during the summer we can often be found at Hamresanden, Groos or Bystranda. If this sounds like something for you, feel free to drop by for a training session to see for yourself.

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  • Egdehirden Gears Up for the Vinter 2024 Event

    Egdehirden Gears Up for the Vinter 2024 Event

    As the frosty winds begin to swirl around the ancient landscapes of Halden, Norway, there’s a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. Egdehirden, the renowned Viking and medieval reenactment group, is in the throes of rigorous preparation for the much-anticipated Vinter 2024 event, an extraordinary gathering that promises to catapult participants and…

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14-16.06Hafrsfjordkaupangen (Stavanger)


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