Egdehirden Fight Show at Lunden Vikingmarked 2024

Egdehirden recently participated in the Lunden Viking Market at Nes Verk. This event, set against the historical backdrop of Nes Verk, provided a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with the public and showcase our passion for medieval combat and Viking culture.

A highlight of our participation was the series of fight shows we presented. These carefully choreographed performances demonstrated Viking combat techniques and strategies. The crowd was captivated by the clashing swords and the authenticity of our gear, bringing the Viking era to life.

Engaging with the Public

Beyond the fight shows, we interacted with visitors, answering questions about Viking combat and weaponry. Our members, passionate about medieval combat, enjoyed sharing their knowledge and seeing the fascination in the eyes of both young and old visitors.

Looking Ahead

Our experience at the Lunden Viking Market was enriching and inspiring. We left with new friends, unforgettable memories, and a renewed passion for medieval combat. We look forward to future events, continuing to bring the spirit and skills of Viking warriors to life.

Thank you to the organizers of the Lunden Viking Market and to all the visitors who engaged with us. Until next time, skål!

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