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Welcome to Egdehirden, Kristiansand’s Biggest Historical Fencing Group!

Step back in time and experience the exhilarating world of Viking warfare with our skilled warriors. We specialise in thrilling fight shows and educational demonstrations that bring the fierce and strategic fighting techniques of the Vikings to life.

Why Choose Egdehirden?

  • Expert Warriors: Our fighters are extensively trained in the art of Viking warfare, ensuring thrilling yet safe performances.
  • Engaging Demonstrations: We offer interactive and informative demonstrations that captivate and educate audiences of all ages.
  • Customizable Experiences: Whether it’s a private gathering or a large public event, we customise our performances to perfectly suit the scale and spirit of your event.

Events We Cater To:

  • Historical Festivals
  • Educational School Events
  • Themed Corporate Gatherings
  • Private Parties and Celebrations
  • Public Exhibitions and Fairs

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Elevate your next event with a spectacular display of Viking combat. Contact us to discuss how we can bring the fierce spirit of the Vikings to your gathering. Engage, entertain, and educate with Egdehirden, where history is revived through the clash of shields and swords.

For bookings and inquiries:

Send us an e-mail to egdehirdenfencing@gmail.com or contact our leader Tor Kristian Refsland (+4790285754).


Org. nr 814 227 332